The Diary of Xander Tully, a Novella-in-Progress by Sanguine Woods, Coming Winter, 2018

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RE: A quick note from the writer’s desk…


Working on my novella The Diary of Xander Tully. It is a frightening tale set in the years before America had become a nation, up in the woods of what is now the border between Michigan antd Canada, where French-Canadian settlers have started a fledgling colony led by two old families.

Xander Tulley is a stranger here. His origins are not known to the community. But he is a clever man; he shows the world a practical and rational side; a lover of facts and the path they reveal to truth. But Tulley has other sides. He hails from a foreign land, across the sea. His people are tall, fair of hair and pale of skin. He appears as an artisan printer in the colony of River Raisin, where the villagers have a respect for the past and their heritage (one of the families traces its roots all the way back to a French king).

When Tulley becomes curious about a tale of an odd grouping of stones located in the deep woods that begin about a mile northeast of the village, he is drawn to the site. There is no visible path to the outcropping, and reaching it is difficult unless you know the woods, and the way. The stones circumscribe what appears to be a gash in the earth, an opening some five paces across at its widest. The villagers don‘t appear to know of the spot, its history, or the fact that a grove of trees surrounds the area in almost a perfect circle. They are deciduous trees, “evergreens”—-and they are the only trees in the wood that turn the color of glowing embers when autumn steals the light from summer and creeps toward the winter solstice.

The story of the woods is old. Some things—some geographies, secrets—-some stories—-lay quiet and undisturbed for a reason. Xander Tulley has been dreaming about the burning trees. His preoccupation with learning the history of the Wood leads him to seek out an indiginous tribe that once dwelt near the area, but has since moved higher north. It is in the tribe’s legends, wrapped tight within in an ancient language, that Tulley begins to see a story form in the forgotten shadows of time, one that once breathed life, and should now be left alone.

Xander Tulley reaches a proverbial fork in the road, where he may learn more about himself than he ever cared to know; and where he will be faced with making the hardest decision he will ever have to make.

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Are U Ready to #quitgrindr?


A humorous, but pointed, IG post @ #quitgrindr. (IG)

We’ve all become extremely accustomed to seeing inspirational quotes all over our IG feed; but rather than encouraging you to ‘Dream Big” or “Work Hard”, there’s a new IG site that is encouraging its followers to “#quitgrindr”.

The man behind #quitgrindr—we’ll call him “Ed”—created the site to remind gay men that they are worth more than their “inches”.

But, are we?

Quick Porn Meets Messenger

“The gay community is excessively hook-up oriented, and it’s something that I’ve never felt a part of,” Ed says. Meeting other gay men isn’t a bad thing; but, there is something about the anonymity and, ironically, the isolation, of an app like Grindr that fosters a voyeuristic type of approach to meeting new men based on just one Profile photograph, of a face or a bare chest, and, if your request is granted, a handful of dick pics.

We all know how men are. We are, in a word, “#nonstophorny”. We know what we’re doing on Grindr, regardless of what we tell ourselves. The dick pics lead to some dirty talk, a little back and forth, akin to “how big are you?” and “what are you into?” and “if I were there right now, what would you do to me, Daddy?”(all the while juggling the same exchange on 10 other Grindr profiles), then you hit Overload: out comes Woody the Woodpecker, and the rest is history.

Back to your video game.


A recent IG post over at #quitgrindr. (IG)

When you’re out there on a “man hunt” just for the sake of a “virtual fucking”, which rarely ends up in an actual physical meeting, after a while, you begin to see other gay men as mere online sex toys: customizable and disposable; a quicker quick-fix to satisfy your addiction to “not having to actually be there.”

Welcome to Dating for Millenials 101

Talking to strangers can be daunting to say the least; but Grindr is making it too easy to just sidestep this IRL. In an age of video games, apps, and zillions of techno gadgets, it is easy to see why an app like Grindr, caught on, like a wildfire. With Grindr, and other similar “dating apps” (Scruff, Hornet, etc.), there’s no need anymore to approach men, face to face, and start a conversation; “as a result,” Ed says, “gay men are losing the valuable chance to develop real-life social skills.” Back in the day, the thrill of the hookup was that you actually got to feel the warmth and desire of the other man, in the flesh—human-à-human. Now it’s a cold collection of pixels, and a fast-solo-shake of the ol’ snake 🐍.


The popularity of Grindr, may well be due to the fact that the Millenial generation has grown up immersed in the virtual reality world of the video game. This cultural phenomenon has transformed dating into a voyeuristic digital game of its own. (Photo courtesy of Tumblr.)

#quitgrindr’s posts range from humorous to thought-provoking. They may just make you rethink your approach to meeting men…

Where do you stand? Are you ready to quit Grindr?