Da Man: Tyler Perry, a Master of Comedy


Perry, standing in front of the promotional poster for his newest film Madea, Boo Two, in theaters October 20, 2017. (Perry’s Facebook Page)


Dicks & Pics & Pick-up Tricks…


Note to the Gen-Y Boyz of the world. I love you. I really do. You’re brainy. On the move. And you’re so damn cute. But here’s a lesson from an Old Wise Man: Always be polite and exercise class (not the one you go to for gym) when reaching out on Messenger. Remember: we Gen X-ers created you. You know, like God made the world in 7 days? it just took us 9 months…and a handful of backseat minutes at the Drive-in, during the credits of The Night of the Living Dead, which we later felt like, during those 18 years we raised you. Such a special time. It made us believe in the indisputable existence of a Hell, just for teenagers.

We don’t feel the pressured urge to hop onto Messenger; we don’t have to converse with you online. We come from a time when Life was real, and not this virtual bullshit. Our telephones are mango yellow, avocado green, and beige. Yes. Beige. They have those long curly cords so we can talk to each other, walk over and stir the soup, toke or two, switch TV channels…very convenient.

Jumping onto Messenger to answer a Hi or a Wave or a Pic of you and your brother, or you going solo, clothed, or, not-so-much (yes, Donkey, I’m talkin to you)—we are doing it to return a kindness. We don’t have gaping Gen-Y-er holes in our soul that only a moment or two with you can fill. Thank you for the very nice photos, by the way. Really. They are one of the great things about modern technology.

But, this message isn’t about photos. This message is about manners.

A gentleman is a gentleman the Baby-Boomers taught us, way back in the day. Imposters are, well, not to put too fine a point on it, but, they’re even more conspicuous than the Polaroid of your uncle willy drying in our Inbox. 💙

Peace, Love, and Namaste.

Gen X.

This has been a message from your “Let’s Heal the Goddam World” Neighborhood Association (LeHGWNA.)

We Don’t Put Things Into Jars—We Pour Them Out…


Aquarians Don’t Put Things into Jars—We Pour them Out.

I rarely sit still or settle down. It’s just not who I am. I need diversity and variety. My Native American zodiac is Otter; tribe: Butterfly. My shamanic totem is Raven. I am a sun-seeker. My astrological designation is Aquarius/Horse. I was born at 2:48 PM on January 26, 1967. I am a very liberal person. My relationships are also liberal ones. I am very transparent and direct. I respect all living things. I do not mislead. I do not “belong” to anyone or anything. I am filled with compassion and I like to send that out, to everyone. Don’t feel mislead by an Aquarian’s attention; rather, see it for what it is: if an Aquarius stops to attend to you, he must really dig your vibe.